Killerfish (1979)

Any Karen Black movie is cool but when her co-stars are Lee Majors, Margaux Hemingway, Marisa Berenson, James Franciscus and a school of deadly piranha fish on strings you've got a classic. "Killerfish" depicts what happens when jewel thieves (Karen, Lee and James) get mixed up with a bunch of models on a fashion shoot (Margaux, Marisa and a comic relief fat guy) and their boat is marooned by a hurricane that detroys a dam (a fabulously terrible special effect) leaving them at the mercy of the titular terrors. Lots of blood, skeletons, explosions, terrible dialogue and screaming. Karen has an excellent freak-out scene and Amii "Knock On Wood" Stewart sings the theme song. Best film I've seen in ages. Made by Italians.