Director: Albert Band

Starring: Jose Ferrer, Michael Pataki, Reggie Nalder, Jan Shutan

Soldiers digging around some Romanian ruins stumble upon Count Dracula’s burial chamber and unleash his terrifying vampire Doberman, Zoltan. In need of a new master, Zoltan takes a trip to America where the last of Dracula’s ancestors has just taken his suburban family on a camping trip. Suspicions arise when a sinister hearse starts tailing the family’s Winnebago and dogs in the area turn up dead with bite marks on their throats. This ludicrous take on the vampire legend features a pack of blood-sucking bow wows whose eyes glow in the dark and hilarious scenes of undead doggies digging themselves out of the grave. Oscar winner (!) Jose Ferrer leads a cast of sleazebag favourites including Michael Pataki and the eternally creepy Reggie Nalder. “Voof! Voof! I vant to suck your blood!”

Down, boy!

Down, boy!

WHERE: Cinema Nova 380 Lygon Street Carlton WHEN: Friday 15 February 2019 @ 7.00 p.m.