Director: Nancy Walker
Starring:  Steve Guttenberg, Valerie Perrine, Bruce Jenner, Paul Sand, The Village People

A New York City songwriter (played by Steve Guttenberg, the worst leading man of all time!) auditions a bunch of butch types to sing his songs and finds fame and fortune as the father of the Village People. This jaw-dropping disco spectacular is probably the campest movie ever made and certainly the gayest. The musical numbers include a memorable trip to the YMCA, everyone acts like they’re on amyl and the finale takes place – where else? – San Francisco! Despite all these enticements the movie was a huge flop worldwide– except Australia. But then we know the importance colour and movement, don’t we?

When: Friday May 2 2014 @ 8.00pm
Where: Astor Theatre 1 Chapel Street St Kilda
Tickets available at the door