reptillicus (1961)

Director: Sidney Pink.  Starring: Bent Mejding, Asbjorn Anderson, Povl Woldike (whoever they are)

Denmarks first ever monster movie! (Still the only one.)
A group of Danish miners unearth a chunk of perma-frosted dinosaur flesh that gets sent to a laboratory to be examined. An inept night watchman accidentally defrosts said dino-flesh seeing it spontaneously regenerate into a giant, pus-spewing dinosaur. The army is sent into try to contain the beast but not before half of wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen gets trashed. Featuring a cameo by two time Danish Eurovison entrant Berthe Wilke, this movie is a real treasure for monster movie aficianados. The script is laughable, the acting fairly terrible, most of the dialogue is dubbed anyway and the monster is about as realistic and terrifying as your average sock puppet. You'll love it!

WHERE: The Elsternwick Classic (as part of the City Of Glen Eira's Storytelling Festival
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