XANADU (1980)

DIRECTOR: Robert Greenwald   STARRING: Olivia Newton-John/Michael Beck/Gene Kelly

Olivia plays a Greek muse (with an Australian accent) who steps out of a mural and inspires down-and-out graffiti artist Michael Beck to get his shit together and open a roller disco. The muses who inspired this tripe stepped out of a dumpster bringing with them a cavalcade of overblown production numbers, awful outfits and terrible performances. Olivia sings a bunch of classic 80s songs like a bird but her acting is rotten and you'll be looking at your own feet during her big dance number with Gene Kelly.

WHEN AND WHEN: Astor Theatre 1 Chapel Street St Kilda - Friday May 27 @ 8pm


BREAKIN’ (1984)

DIRECTOR: Joel Silberg    STARRING: Lucinda Dickey/Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quinones/Michael Chambers

Movies based on dance crazes are always going to be great and when they take the old Mickey-and-Judy-putting-on-a-show template and set it in the 80s you’ve got an entertainment that’s pretty well irresistible. Kelly is a talented street dancer. She’s working as a waitress but she has a quest; to prove to the dance establishment that what she and her friends do is as legitimate as anything ballet has to offer. All sorts of obstacles stand in her way (a horny dance teacher, a disillusioned colleague, lots of bad 80s clothes) but it all ends happily with an amazing dance spectacular that will have you jumping out of your seat – and probably running from the theatre!

WHEN AND WHERE: Historic Council Chambers Cnr Morrow St & Baylis St Wagga Wagga Thursday June 2 @ 7.30pm



DIRECTOR: James Cameron    STARRING: Tricia O’Neill/Steve Marachuk/Lance Henriksen/Ricky Paull Goldin

The renowned director of this opus called it “the finest flying piranha movie ever made” and I agree. Genetically modified piranhas spill into the ocean, rape some flying fish and produce the murderous mutants of the title. Piranha pandemonium ensues as the ferocious fish chow down on holiday makers at a local beach resort. The attack scenes are very special, the flying piranha effects even better, a couple of topless chicks get bumped off and Lance Henriksen appears as the sheriff in all his grouchy glory. The movie’s highlight however is the climactic assault on the annual fish fry in which extras march down the beach chanting “We want fish!” before being seen off en masse. A lot of people call this Cameron’s worst movie (not that he directed all that much of it) but it’s a lot more fun than “Avatar” and considerably shorter. “We want fish! We want fish!”

WHEN AND WHERE: Historic Council Chambers Cnr Morrow St & Baylis St Wagga Wagga Friday June 3 @ 7.30pm