Director: Paul Verhoeven  Starring: Elizabeth Berkeley, Gina Gershon, Kyle Maclachlan, Glenn Plummer

Some call it the worst movie ever made but really it's one of the funniest. A beautiful but obnoxious drifter wanders into Las Vegas looking to find fame and fortune as a showgirl. She does but only after being molested by various sleazebags and lesbians, having sex in a swimming pool, licking a few poles and mispronouncing the name of a major (and hardly obscure) fashion label. The guilty pleasures come thick and fast with pages and pages of camp dialogue ("I studied in New York - Alvin Ailey!") and performances to die for! Maclachlan looks like he's never acted before in his life and you haven't lived until you've seen Berkeley throwing her french fries around during a tantrum in a fast food restaurant. With over-the-top productions numbers, lots of lap-dancing and wall-to-wall boobs, this is one you won't want to miss.