BLACULA (1972)


Director: William Crain
Cast: William Marshall, Vonetta McKee, Elisha Cook Jnr

An African prince (on an anti-slavery mission to Transylvania in 1780!) is bitten by Dracula and cursed to roam the earth as the terrifying black vampire Blacula. Two hundred years later, when a couple of camp antique dealers import his coffin stateside, Blacula finds himself in L. A. where he  creates all sorts of mayhem among the 70s disco set and falls in love with the reincarnation of his former wife. This great Blaxploitation/horror hybrid features a mind-boggling array of afros, heels and flares, jive-talking dialogue, lots of action, a guest appearance by hit-makers The Hues Corporation and the magnificent William Marshall whose velvet voice and imposing presence call to mind the tantalizing suggestion of a vampire Barry White.